Entry-Level Chinese Basswood

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About Our Entry-Level Chinese Basswood

100% Kiln Dried Hardwood
Our Chinese Hardwood Basswood is in the same category as Poplar.
It rates as 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 for hardness and durability.
An outstanding shutter, with a smooth paint finish.

UK Lasting UV Protector.

Not Available.

Natural Smooth Grain Finish.

Our Chinese Hardwood Basswood range is a direct competitor to the likes of any composite woods i.e M.D.F but with additional benefits – hardwood frames, stiles and louvers which allow for durability for years to come.

The Finest Quality Wood.

Chinese Hardwood Basswood is one of the finest materials a shutter can be crafted from along side Chinese basswood for its flexibility. Working with our trusted wood suppliers we select only the best grade Hardwood Basswood to build our affordable shutter range from.

Machine Smooth Finish.

The smooth paint finish on our Chinese Hardwood Basswood range is designed
to cater for limited budgets. Available in 12 paint options. We take care over every last corner of our shutters, whether this is by hand or machined finish.

Built to Last for Years to Come.

Long term stability and durability is everything with shutters and we strive to ensure that the wood we use will last for years. Wood might be prone to the odd knock and scratch, but not our Chinese Basswood shutters. We use long lasting paint that protects the wood from day-to-day wear and tear.

Having our own manufacturing facilities means we
cannot be beaten on price! £££